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American Baseball originated from an early form of Baseball or Rounders being played in England as early as 1745. The game Rounders was brought to North America by British and Irish immigrants in the mid-eighteenth century. The game evolved over time into the modern version of baseball as it is known today. By the late nineteenth century, baseball was widely recognized as the national sport of the United States.

Baseball is a very popular sport at the youth, amateur and professional levels. Although baseball is a team sport, it places considerable focus on individual players. Whether at the plate trying to hit a home run, on the pitchers mound trying to strike out a batter, or in the outfield trying to catch a pop fly, success or failure of an individual can be very apparent. Individual skill plays a significant role in team success.

At we will primarily focus on youth, amateur and college level baseball. Out goal being to help young and amateur players to learn the proper skills, techniques and fitness to excel at the game. We will also cover professional level baseball as it relates to helping amateur players to learn and refine their own performance based on professional team and player success strategies.


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